Following the success of REBIRTH , an album that was able to rekindle KILLING ME INSIDE’S name in Indonesian Music Industry, now they are back with the release of their new single, entitled "FRACTURED" which is the latest song in 2017.

"FRACTURED" written by Rudye and arranged together with Josaphat & Angga became an initial step of a collaboration project with one of the best female Rock singers ever in Indonesian music scene, AIU RATNA who is a former legendary band GARASI vocalist.

FRACTURED was chosen in this project because the nature of this song fits with KILLING ME INSIDE and AIU. The main theme of this song invites us to see and realize that separation occurs due to the failure of mankind to connect and realize that we all have one in common.

In this song, KILLING ME INSIDE deepens their "beat" and composition exploration of today's rock music combined with the distinctive features of Aiu's powerful vocal.

Through this Project, KILLING ME INSIDE & AIU hopes that "FRACTURED" will be accepted and enjoyed by Rock music lovers in particular and lovers of Indonesian Music Generally

Hail Indonesian Music !!!!


Posted in news on Jun 18, 2017